Welcome to Q’s Basement!

My name is Q. Welcome to my basement.


What is Q’s Basement?

Q’s Basement is a blog by me, Q (duh). I named this blog “Q’s Basement” for a number of reasons. One, every single time I tried to name it something, that name was taken (naming things such as band names, blogs, podcasts, are a bitch). Two, this is where the podcasts are recorded. Of course, I would love to have a professional studio with all the amazing high tech equipment, but I gotta make do with what I have. And three, the main reason I named it “Q’s Basement” is because I realized growing up I had a lot of fond memories in my basement: band practices, hanging out with friends, sneaking alcohol down there so my parents wouldn’t realize I was drinking (sorry mom and dad). There were a lot of good times in my basement, and many of my friends have fond memories that took place in my basement.


Who am I?

I’m Q (duh, again). If I could describe myself in one sentence: I love to entertain people. I play music, I love movies, and I love telling stories. This website is basically a compilation of my random thoughts, stories, podcasts, etc. I am not a professional writter, I am just someone who loves telling stories. Everything you find on this blog is MY OPINION, and should be treated as such. This blog is strictly for entertainment purposes.   I hope you enjoy all this material as much as I enjoyed creating it!


What you can find here…

I will try to update this site as much as possible.  Right now, it consists of the blog and the Beyond the Cape podcast. I am hoping to have more podcasts and even upload videos. If you are looking for a site to host any material you have, let me know! I am always looking for more material to post.



Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me or add a comment in the comments section. I am always looking for feedback (be gentle). Take a look around, and have fun!



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