It has been a while since I have posted anything and in case you didn’t notice, the podcast was not posted last week. I think it’s time I explain myself…


First let me explain the blog. The last thing I wrote was my review of Captain America: Civil War and since then something happened: Summer. I know, it’s a poor excuse. But the fact remains I haven’t had a lot of time. I have had one of the most eventful summer’s ever, and little time to write about it. I have been on numerous trips, many functions, and of course various cookouts. The little time I have had has been used to either do errands or just relax a bit, and this time is limited. Eventually school is going to kick up a notch and I won’t have much time to do ANY of this, so I feel like I need to take advantage of this time while I can.

But rest assured, I do want to write more. I have some ideas for articles, but they will require some time to research. I also want to get into writing fiction which I may or may not post here (I haven’t decided yet). I hope to improve on my writing this fall with a creative writing class next semester. Hopefully I can find some time to put into this website.


Now to explain the podcast. We were supposed to post an episode of Beyond the Cape last Thursday. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Even worse, I regret to inform you it will be on a bit of a hiatus. We usually have a few episodes back logged so that we don’t fall behind, but due to the schedule restraints from the guests, my co-hosts, and especially myself, we have “caught up” to the end of the episodes we recorded and only have one backlogged. “Why didn’t you post that episode you fucking douche nozzle!?” you might be asking. The answer is pretty fucking lame. My Mac has for some reason decided to be uncooperative. I am not happy about it, especially since it’s very new. I have an appointment this week with the Apple store which will hopefully fix the issue. Not only will I be able to post any back logged episodes, but I will be able to post an entirely new podcast that I think you will all enjoy. I am very proud of it, and some of you may already know the details about it. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sadly my Mac is not the only thing holding up podcast production. The piece of equipment I use to hook the mics into the computer has decided to also stop working. This repair will probably take a little longer because I have to send it off to the company to get it repaired. But rest assured, once I get it back I will go back to producing podcasts for your listening pleasure.


As the saying goes, “Excuses are like assholes: everyone has one, and they all stink”. I truly apologize for the lack of content. Some of it being my fault, some of it not. Either way, it is inexcusable. I hope to start putting more effort into this site again now that the summer is dying down and my schedule is starting to free up. Just writing this makes me realize how much I miss writing.

I want to thank anyone who is reading or listening. Please continue to check back and I will have more blogs and podcasts soon. Thank you all!



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