Lewis knew that it was now or never. He had been practicing for months. Everyone told him to give up his on dream of being a standup comedian, but deep down he knew it was his destiny. This is what he has wanted to do for his entire life. And finally after all these years of working dead-end jobs to make ends meet, he was at his first open mic.Continue reading

We find out who would do well while lost at sea. Can you guess who would accidentally get everyone killed? If you would like to play along, here are the items used in this game changer:


A sextant, A shaving mirror, A quantity of mosquito netting, A 25 liter container of water, A case of army rations, Maps of the Atlantic Ocean, A floating seat cushion, A 10 liter can of oil/petrol mixture, A small transistor radio, 20 square feet of opaque plastic sheeting, A can of shark repellent, One bottle of 160 proof rum, 15 feet of nylon rope, 2 boxes of chocolate bars, An ocean fishing kit & pole