I started listening to podcasts a few years ago. Working at a desk job, I was allowed to listen to headphones while I completed the menial tasks I was assigned for the day (welcome to life working in a cubicle). Working in a cube has its ups and downs, and being allowed to drown out the sounds of multiple keyboards clicking and talks of “Synergy” and “sales” is certainly the biggest benefit.Continue reading


The first movie the guys discuss is the origin story of the First Avenger. Steve Rodgers was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn with aspirations of joining the United States Army. He gets his wish when he becomes part of the first every Super Soldier program, turning him into Captain America. Gaelen is our special guest as we discuss Captain America: The First Avenger

My name is Q. Welcome to my basement.


What is Q’s Basement?

Q’s Basement is a blog by me, Q (duh). I named this blog “Q’s Basement” for a number of reasons. One, every single time I tried to name it something, that name was taken (naming things such as band names, blogs, podcasts, are a bitch). Two, this is where the podcasts are recorded. Of course, I would love to have a professional studio with all the amazing high tech equipment, but I gotta make do with what I have. And three, the main reason I named it “Q’s Basement” is because I realized growing up I had a lot of fond memories in my basement: band practices, hanging out with friends, sneaking alcohol down there so my parents wouldn’t realize I was drinking (sorry mom and dad). There were a lot of good times in my basement, and many of my friends have fond memories that took place in my basement.


Who am I?

I’m Q (duh, again). If I could describe myself in one sentence: I love to entertain people. I play music, I love movies, and I love telling stories. This website is basically a compilation of my random thoughts, stories, podcasts, etc. I am not a professional writter, I am just someone who loves telling stories. Everything you find on this blog is MY OPINION, and should be treated as such. This blog is strictly for entertainment purposes.   I hope you enjoy all this material as much as I enjoyed creating it!


What you can find here…

I will try to update this site as much as possible.  Right now, it consists of the blog and the Beyond the Cape podcast. I am hoping to have more podcasts and even upload videos. If you are looking for a site to host any material you have, let me know! I am always looking for more material to post.



Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me or add a comment in the comments section. I am always looking for feedback (be gentle). Take a look around, and have fun!