We are just hours away from the 90 minute finale of The Walking Dead, and tensions are high. It has been a great season so far and the looming threat of Negan (played by the highly underrated Jeffery Dean Morgan) is upon us. Tonight we finally get to meet him and everyone thinks (knows) that he is probably going to kill someone. Everyone has three predictions, and I have heard a number of them. But ask any TWD fan and they have the same question: Who do you think is going to die? Here are the nominees I have heard.Continue reading




This season of The Walking Dead is setting up to be an epic one. The show is in its sixth season, which is about the time most shows start winding down and come to an end. History has shown that if a show goes past season 6, it tends to over stay its welcome (right, Dexter?)

But not TWD. They show no signs of slowing down anytime soon and are still churning out content that keeps fans on the edge of their seat. The survivors have been in the “quiet” settlement of Alexandrea for a little while now and there is still plenty of drama to go around. In episode 2 of this season in what I thought was going to be a slow boring episode, the town is brutally attacked by the mysterious “Wolves” and many Alexandrians perished. For me, it was a top 5 episode that left me asking, “Where will they go from here?”

Then this Sunday’s episode happened…

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